Prof. Kelley: On writing about the remarkable intersection of literature and science

Written by Prof. Theresa Kelley, Department Chair: Writing Clandestine Marriage was fascinating for me. It was challenging, too, but above all, working on this book sharpened my interest in how literature meets, or sidles up to, science. Here I want to talk about two examples from the book that present literature at work in ways that tell a good deal about the permeability between forms of thought, even those that seem so evidently distinct, like literature and science.

Milestones: Odyssey Project celebrates tenth year

A student who was born in prison is now a prison chaplain. A student who immigrated to the United States is now on track to become an immigration lawyer. Students who struggled in school are now teacher’s aides, or even teachers themselves. The Odyssey Project, now celebrating its tenth year at UW-Madison, is the source of many such stories of transformation.