English Department TA Awards 2019

The English department celebrated its award-winning TAs this year at the April 30th department meeting. See below for the names of all award winners and for pictures from the event. In other big news, English TA Naomi Salmon won an L&S teaching award earlier this semester. Her picture is also below.

Award Winners:

Professor Paula Gillespie TA Teaching Award for the Writing Center: Amy Gaeta and Chrissy Widmayer

Professor Joyce Steward TA Teaching Award for the Writing Center: Aaron Vieth

English 100 Outstanding Instructor Award: Becca Bedell, Jonathan Jibson, Sarah Olson, and Lynn Zhang

Buchannan TA Leadership Award: Elisa Findlay

Buchannan Exceptional Service Award: Angela Zito

Buchannan TA Capstone Teaching Award: Leah Pope Parker

L&S Innovation in Teaching Award: Naomi Salmon

L&S Teaching Fellow: Lisa Marvel Johnson

ESL Teaching Award: Hadis Ghaedi and Tim Cavnar
***A request for the official title of the ESL award had not been returned at the time of posting.