Guides and Forms

  1. For a detailed overview of the policies, rules, and expectations for each graduate program in the department, as well as links to documents and other web pages with more specific information, graduate students should consult the Graduate Handbook for their program:
    • Literary Studies
    • Handbooks for the programs in Composition & Rhetoric, English Language & Linguistics, and Creative Writing are forthcoming.
  2. Graduate students should use the English Graduate Program Resource Guide Google Drive folder (permission required) to access more specific documents covering policies and procedures related to graduate study in the department, including:
    • Forms related to coursework and dissertation progress, minors and language competency, degree warrant requests, etc.
    • Fellowship and funding information and reimbursement instructions
    • Guidelines and reading lists for exams
  3. For the Graduate School’s official guide to the policies and requirements of the graduate programs in English offered at UW-Madison, visit the Graduate Guide.