Writing Rivers, Stuart Deets, and “How to Create a More Beautiful Earth”

Last fall, English Department senior, Stuart Deets, completed a final project for Professor Caroline Gottschalk Druschke‘s “Writing Rivers” course (a section of English 245). Stuart’s project involved taking photos of Madison lakes, developing them in water from those lakes, and posting the photos in an exhibit at the Center for Limnology‘s Hasler Lab, as well as including an artist statement and online post. You can read more and check out the photos on Medium.

Stuarts’s photographs are stunning visuals, and he has a lot of really smart things to say about rhetoric, art, activism, and water, as well as about his work in Professor Druschke’s class and his work with English Professor Josh Calhoun. The photos will hang in the Hasler Lab for the next month.

What does Stuart think his project accomplishes? In his own words:

I hope what it does is make us pay attention, and make us sensitive to the beauty around us all the time. If we are gracious enough to grateful for that, then we will have real hope at last.