Get ready for Day of the Badger 2020

(Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

Day of the Badger is coming this Spring!

What is Day of the Badger? Well, it’s an 1848-minute event for all alumni, students, and friends throughout Badger nation to give to their passion, show their pride, and stay connected to the university. Everyone who loves UW–Madison is welcome and encouraged to participate. The goal is to unite Badgers in an effort to advance the mission of the university by bringing awareness to its achievements and raising critical funds to help the UW remain a world-class educational institution.

During the previous Day of the Badger, donors to the English Department raised $11,300 through 36 gifts, 23 of which were made by first-time donors. We extend our sincere thanks to everyone who made donations both big and small on that day.

Look for more information about Day of the Badger 2020 on social media in the Spring.  If you would like to support the English Department today, please follow this link. We are grateful for gifts of all sizes.