English Department Scholarship and Writing Prize Winners 2016

Writing Prizes

Chesler Prize: Sophie Heywood

James T. Lewis Prizes: Hannah Widmaier and Samantha Rauch

Standish Henning Shakespeare Prize: Colten Parr

William F. Vilas Prizes: Curtis Ascher and Meg Sill

Data Analysis Award: Meghan Villalpando

Digital Media Award: Marisa Skelley

English 100 Student Writing Awards: Brock Gilsdorf and Jared Godfrey

International Writing Student Awards: Thana Pongcharoenyong, Jingyu Zhuang, Yiqun Ma, and Rahul Venkatesh

Creative Writing Prizes

University Book Store Awards for Independent Projects: Justin Balog, Cody Dunn, August Glomski, Lindsay Nigh, Kayleigh Norgord, Leo Vartorella

Cy Howard Memorial Scholarship Thesis Prize: Justin Balog (poetry)

Eudora Welty Fiction Thesis Prize: Kayleigh Norgord

Ron Wallace Poetry Thesis Prize: Miles Solstice

Henry Douglas Mackaman Undergraduate Writers Award: Renee Jerome (fiction)

Therese Muller Undergraduate Fiction Prizes:

FIRST PLACE: Johanna Lepro-Green

SECOND PLACE: Elena Norcross

HONORABLE MENTIONS: August Glomski, Katie Kamperschroer, Reid Kurkerewicz, Andrew Newman, Kayleigh Norgord, Ben Reese

George B. Hill Undergraduate Poetry Prizes:

FIRST PLACE: Justin Balog


THIRD PLACE: Kiyoko Reidy

HONORABLE MENTIONS; Cody Fearing, Justine Jones, Madeline Kelly, Jack Robbins, Miles Solstice, Caleb Weisnicht

Charles M. Hart Jr. Writers of Promise Awards (for students of ENGL 207):

FIRST PLACE: Joey Bednarski

SECOND PLACE: Esther Peter

THIRD PLACE: Dan Winogradoff

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Delora Prange and Ellie Colbert


Helen C. White Awards: Lindsey Douglass and Chloe Lake

Dorothy Classen Urish Scholarship: Danielle Woodall

May Brabyn Wackman Scholarships: Audrey Hilts, Chloe Lake, Jessica Thomas, Lindsey Douglass, Kristen Romes, Margaret Huskin, Audrey Brown, Colten Parr, and Lauren Boritzke

Vivian Mowry English Scholarships: Cody Dunn, Ethan Kay, Abigail Los, Cole Meyer

English Undergraduate Scholarship: Cody Dunn

Lila Hicks Furber Scholarship: Bradley Oestreich

Helen Black Bennett Memorial Scholarship: Sophie Heywood

Other awards won by English majors in 2016

Hilldale Award: Lindsey Nigh

University Bookstore Academic Excellence Award: Justine Jones

L&S Alice V. Almasy Scholarship: Audrey Hilts

BEST Challenge (Business and English Students Together): Elizabeth Kinsella, with Business School students Alec Preuter and Louise Frye