ingrid diran

Position title: Assistant Professor


Helen C. White, Rm. 6113

Research Interests

Environmental Humanities, Marxism, Literary Theory, Biopolitics, Racial Capitalism

Degrees and Institutions

  • Ph.D. Cornell University

Recent Publications

“Genealogy of Species as a Limit-Concept” (forthcoming in Theory and Event)

“To Suggest That It Was There: Cedric Robinson’s Parallax Method” (forthcoming in Early American Literature)

“Scenes of Speculation: Harriet Jacobs and the Biopolitics of Human Capital” (American Quarterly, 2019)

“Marx’s Silkworm” (Diacritics, 2018)

Courses Taught

English 822 – Racial Capitalism; English 800 – Critical Methods; English 548 – Racial Capitalism; English 461 – Figuring (Out) Social Change; English 182 – Doing Time: Labor, Race, Incarceration; English 153 – Social Justice in the Anthropocene