Celebrating A New Group of Graduates

We give a special thanks to graduate Megan Nelson who is featured in this video (5:35) for her recognition of both Sarah Wood and Yanie Fecu.

Contains a list of English department graduates.

From Dept. Chair Professor Anja Wanner:

Congratulations on your graduation! You did it! In the midst of a pandemic you are graduating from one of the best universities in the country with a degree that shows that you know about the power of language and narratives and well-crafted arguments. You will take this knowledge into a world that is ‘out of joint,’ a world that needs you and your generation to create new knowledge, more equity and more justice.

You have shown patience, determination, and resilience. Please stay in touch and let us know about what you will do with your English degree. Congratulations from the English Department!

From Interim Undergraduate Advisor Karen Redfield:

Dear Graduates,

Congratulations on what you have achieved during a very strange and difficult semester. You are the first class of English majors to have adapted to a full pandemic semester—and you are graduating! The lessons you’ve learned about adaptability, perseverance, and flexibility will be an asset in whatever you do in your life. And you will always have this wonderful UW degree!

I am very proud of you. Congratulations and best wishes!