Building Undergraduate Community

Two years ago, our majors founded a new organization, called MUSE: the Madison Undergraduate Society for English. Please like them on Facebook!

Since the English major is huge and doesn’t always feel like a cohesive community, MUSE is a really important vehicle for building undergraduate community. And MUSE has been just terrific:

Department Library

  • They’ve invited exciting and creative speakers to campus
  • They’ve raised funds for the “Writers in Prisons” project:
  • They’ve organized social gatherings
  • They’ve hosted Literati, the university’s first undergraduate conference on language and literature

Now it’s time for the undergraduates to have a space of their own. The English Department has emptied out our old library for them.

We’d love your help decorating! This is what our bare space looks like at the moment.


We have raised $1000 so far to pay for paint, two chairs, and a sofa. Could you pitch in some more?

$50 would pay for colorful couch cushions to brighten the space
$60 would pay for an annual subscription to the New Yorker
$70 would pay for a floor lamp
$100 would pay for a coffee table
$300 would put some exciting art on the walls
$800 would pay for a beautiful, colorful rug