• Grace O'Meara with parents

Information for Parents

Courses in our department provide skills necessary to almost all post-graduate employment: the ability to write clearly and effectively, to read critically and analytically, to speak persuasively and cogently, and to participate in group discussions with tact and acuity. Majoring in English can be a gateway to many careers.

More information on the diverse careers pursued by recent majors.

Our dedicated English department advisors works with students to plan for both their time at UW and for their future careers.

Learn more about our advising team and the guidance they provide.

The department also provides scholarships, study abroad opportunities, and internships. Visit our Opportunities  and Scholarships pages for more information.

The English Department also works to maintain an active alumni network who remain engaged with the university and with each other.

Hear from some of our current students and recent alums on how their experience with the English Department has shaped their lives.

Finally, as you're thinking about your child's future, remember that students work harder, get better grades, and learn more if they're engaged in coursework that's genuinely interesting to them. The English Department strives to provide a college major that both speaks to big questions as well as provides specific skills. Students in our department cultivate wide-ranging interests as well as wide-ranging marketable qualifications.