Declaring the Major

Students are strongly encouraged to declare their major as soon as they have determined that they have an interest in the major and have met the requirements for declaration.  

  • Studies show that students who declare a major early in their college career are more likely to graduate in four years.  
  • Declaring one major early in coursework makes it easier to add a second major later.
  • Becoming an English major allows you to enter a lively community of students and teachers with similar interests.
  • You will receive notices of academic opportunities, scholarships, and career activities.
  • You will have an academic home on this very large campusand a place to ask any and all questions.

In order to declare the major, students must:

  • Complete 6 credits of literature, either at UW-Madison or at another college.  These credits will appear on DARS reports under the Humanities heading.  However, it is advisable to meet with Karen Redfield to plan courses, even before you officially declare.
  • Make an appointment with the department's undergraduate advisor.  Schedule an advising appointment here.  Be prepared to provide the necessary information when you arrive at your appointment (see the preparation tips here).

For Students Not in Letters & Science

Students wishing to declare must be in the College of Letters and Science or have the approval of their college if they are not an L&S student and wish to add English as an additional major.

Additional major guidelines by school or college

Dropping the Major

Send an email to Karen Redfield.  Clearly state that you want to drop the English major.  This will be processed electronically.  However, if you have questions about whether or not dropping is the best course of action, please make an appointment to speak with Dr. Redfield in person.