Karen A. Redfield

I’ve very much enjoyed getting to know so many English majors through advising appointments and events. You are an engaging and impressive group. Thank you for sharing so many of your questions, plans and stories with me. Here’s a bit of my story.

I’m originally from Rochester, NY, and did my BA at SUC-Geneseo and my MA at SUNY-Binghamton, both in English. I also had a great year abroad, at the University of Nottingham, England. I’ve lived in Madison for many years now. Before I became the Undergraduate English advisor in December of 2011, I taught college writing and literature classes, most recently at MATC, where I received the Distinguished Teaching Award in 2006. I received my Ph.D. from this English Department and the Program in Composition and Rhetoric, with a minor in English Linguistics. My area of specialization was American Indian rhetoric and literature. I focused on both college student writers and 19th-21st century published writers who wrote and are writing both fiction and non-fiction. Outside of work, my current interests are jazz singing, salsa dancing, walking, and, of course, reading.

I feel very lucky to have had a diverse, challenging, and rewarding teaching career. As a first-generation college student, I struggled at first to understand the “culture” of college. No one in my family understood financial aid forms, or what it meant to major in something, and no one quite prepared me for the differences between my small high school and my large college. I was fortunate to find several supportive teachers and mentors who guided me toward a teaching career. I have taught in the city of Madison, the state of New York, and the country of Bolivia. I have held classes in universities, two- and four-year colleges, including a tribal college, homeless shelters, public libraries, factories, and a medium-security prison. I now feel very lucky to be able to share my genuine passion for language, literature, teaching, and writing with you, our undergraduate majors. I look forward to getting to know more of our majors as the years go on.