Keli Tucker

Position title: Assistant Director of the Writing Fellows Program

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Year Admitted: 2019


Keli Tucker is a PhD candidate in Composition and Rhetoric, and is also currently serving as an Assistant Director of the Writing Fellows program. She holds a bachelor’s in English from Drury University in her hometown of Springfield, Missouri, and a master’s in English from DePaul University, where she first became interested in writing studies as a writing center tutor. Her dissertation uses participatory narrative inquiry to explore how offering space for community critical inquiry into the influence of raciolinguistic ideologies on the storied experiences of writing instructors with privileged racial and linguistic identities could help those instructors build the critical consciousness necessary to teach more intentionally toward racial and linguistic justice.


Racial and linguistic justice in writing instruction, Instructor development, Writing program administration

Degree and Institution

BS, Drury University
MA, DePaul University

Selected Publications

“Potential for and Barriers to Actionable Antiracism in the Writing Center: Views from the IWCA Special Interest Group on Antiracism Activism.” W. Faison, T. Haltiwanger Morrison, K. Levin, E. Simmons, J. Kar Tang, and K. Tucker. Praxis: A Writing Center Journal 16.2, 2019.

“Learning to Tutor for Racial and Linguistic Justice: Reflections from the UW-Madison Writing Fellows Program.” K. Tucker with N. Candler, A. Carroll, M. Peppard, H. Puza, A. Sinanoglu, A. Synnes. Another Word: From the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2023.

“Review of Teaching Racial Literacy: Reflective Practices for Critical Writing by Mara Lee Grayson.” K. Tucker. Literacy in Composition Studies 9.1, 2022.