Elijah S. Levine

Pronouns: he/him

Email: eslevine4@wisc.edu

Year Admitted: 2020


My research focuses on sound in black cultural and literary production between the end of the Civil Rights Movement and the middle of the 1980s. I’m interested in how sound was mobilized to convey divergent ideas of blackness following the unfulfilled promises of the Civil Rights Movement and shifting material conditions often generalized under the term deindustrialization. What do these productions – which often blur distinctions between popular and vernacular, political and commercial – tell us about the dynamic nature of blackness in (post)modernity as well as the ontology of sound itself?


Black Sound Studies, Critical Theory, Critical Labor Studies

Degree and Institution

BA, College of William & Mary
MAT, Relay Graduate School of Education

Selected Publications

“On The Institutional Memory and Memorialization of Enslavement” (*Insurrect!: Radical Thinking in Early American Studies* – Public Facing) https://www.insurrecthistory.com/archives/on-the-institutional-memory-and-memorialization-of-enslavement