Iman Sheydaei Baghdadeh

Position title: Lecturer

Pronouns: He/him/his


Helen C. White Hall, Rm. 5134

Research Interests

Sociolinguistics, ethnic identities, Dearborn, MENA

Degrees and Institutions

  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Recent Publications

Sheydaei, Iman. 2024. Dearborn English: An ethnolinguistic repertoire for MENA Americans. Linguistic Geography 12 (2).

Sheydaei, Iman. 2023. The Low-Back-Merger Shift: Evidence from MENA Americans in the Upper Midwest and southern California: MENA Americans and the Low‑Back‑Merger Shift. English Today.[Opens in a new window]

Sheydaei, Iman. 2023. Ethnic Rootedness and Social Affiliations at the Interface with Linguistic Performativity: Evidence from Americans of Southwest Asian or North African Descent. Languages 9(1), 4.

Courses Taught

ESL 117: Academic Writing I
ESL 118: Academic Writing II
English 314: Structure of English
English 416: English in Society