The Echo Maker

, Richard Powers.“The Echo Maker.” 2007: n. pag. Print.

On a winter night on a remote Nebraska road, twenty-seven-year-old Mark Schluter has a near-fatal card accident. His older sister, Karin, returns reluctantly to their hometown to nurse Mark back from a traumatic head injury. But when Mark emerges from a coma, he believes that this woman – who looks, acts, and sounds just like his sister – is really an imposter. When Karin contacts the famous cognitive neurologist Gerals Weber for help, he diagnoses Mark as having Capgras syndrome. The mysterious nature of the disease, combined with the strange circumstances surrounding Mark’s accident, threaten to change all of their lives beyond recognition. In The Echo Maker, Richard Powers proves himself to be one of our boldest and most entertaining novelists.

National Book Award Winner and Pulitzer Prize Finalist

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