Oh, The Places You’ll Pump!

, Jennifer Marsch and Stephanie Trevino.“Oh, The Places You’ll Pump!.” 2015: n. pag. Print.

“You’ll marvel at all of the places you’ll go/ Where you can have fun and maintain your milk flow . . .” Nursing a newborn can be one of life’s great pleasures, and we all know that “breast is best”—but that doesn’t mean breastfeeding is always easy!  Many moms must head back to work while their babies are young. Others face challenges nursing, for a variety of reasons, from day one. Enter the breast pump and this encouraging anthem! Oh, the Places You’ll Pump! motivates moms to use their pumps to achieve their breastfeeding goals—and does so with a humor and lightness you’d expect from mamas who have been there. This delightful journey through the world of pumping is paired with additional space for recording Mom and Baby’s breastfeeding milestones—making it the ultimate keepsake for any new mama!

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