Literary Analysis: The Basics

, Celena Kusch.“Literary Analysis: The Basics.” 2016: n. pag. Print.

Literary Analysis: The Basics offers an overview of the aims and strategies of literary analysis that apply to any kind of text in any language from any period of time. This book outlines the methodologies employed by today’s experts—from academic scholars to book reviewers—and offers readers new ways to approach the literature they love. Both general and academic readers are introduced to the genres, canons, terms, issues, critical approaches, literary periods, and contexts that enhance and enrich the personal and subjective experience of literature from ancient myths to today’s young adult fiction bestsellers.

By applying analytical strategies to examples from poetry, film, classical masterpieces, graphic novels, and fan fiction, Literary Analysis: The Basics makes literary analysis more accessible and highlights the benefits of analysis in helping readers recognize the insights embodied within literature. Each chapter offers a set of analytical frameworks that allow readers to dig deeply into texts of all genres and formats. Beginning with the words on the page, the book enables readers to expand their inquiry by taking into account issues of form, context, criticism, and theory. Finally, the book offers readers strategies for writing literary analysis both in academic and everyday settings like print and online book reviews.

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