The Glassmaker’s Son

Kupfer, Peter. The Glassmaker’s Son. N.p., 2022. Print.

“The Glassmaker’s Son,” the first book by Peter Kupfer (Cooper), (BA English ’74), was recently published by Amsterdam Publishers to enthusiastic reviews. A blend of lyrical memoir and sober history, “Glassmaker” recounts Kupfer’s decades-long quest to uncover the world his father left behind in Nazi Germany. Along the way he makes a number of surprising discoveries about his family, who were important players in the Bavarian glassmaking industry. At heart, “Glassmaker” is about a search for identity — the identity of the author’s soft-spoken, inscrutable father and of the author himself. Menachem Kaiser, author of “Plunder: A Memoir of Family Property and Nazi Treasure,” called “The Glassmaker’s Son” a stunning exploration of legacy. Michael Brenner, International President of the Leo Baeck Institute, lauded “Glassmaker” as “a moving account of a son in search of his father and the home from which his family was expelled. Peter Kupfer’s compelling story leads deep into the abyss of a small Bavarian town during Nazi Germany and into the labyrinth of the human soul.” “Glassmaker” is available now at

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