King Lear

Knowles (Editor), Richard. King Lear: A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare. Modern Language Association, 2020. Print.

Shakespeare’s King Lear is as significant in Western literature as the Oresteia, the Divine Comedy, and Don Quixote. Everything about it is unforgettable: Cordelia’s honest answers to her deluded and raging father, Regan and Goneril’s cruelty, Lear on the heath, the blinding of Gloucester, Edgar’s feigned madness, and the meaningful nonsense of the Fool. The subject of intense literary and cultural critical attention, the play exists in different versions and has been adapted and changed countless times. Richard Knowles’s edition, the product of more than twenty years of labor, records every important variant, discusses the critical controversies, provides the work’s sources, and guides readers through four hundred years of stage history and adaptations. A compendium of information and scholarship, this New Variorum Edition is a milestone and will be invaluable to scholars, directors, and actors for decades to come.


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