Graduate Focus on Literary Studies

Graduate students host a colloquia at the Memorial Terrace

We are pleased to offer several areas of focus at the graduate level:

Doctoral Program in Literary Studies

Our main area of focus is a doctoral program with a single trajectory towards the PhD in English. Students complete three years of coursework (one at the MA level to establish breadth; two at the PhD level to pursue specialization) followed by preliminary exams, a proposal defense, and finally, completion of the dissertation.

Afro-American Bridge Program

The Afro-Am Bridge Program is an academic partnership that allows students to enter the University in the Department of Afro-American Studies and complete an MA before entering the Department of English for the completion of the PhD.

Ph.D. Minor in Literary Studies

Qualified graduate students enrolled in a PhD program in another UW-Madison department may pursue a Graduate Minor in English. Enrollment in English classes is determined based on a number of criteria, including class size and instructor; for more information, please consult the PhD Minor page or our Graduate Coordinator, Robyn Shanahan.

For further information about recent job placements, funding opportunities, and how to apply, please consult our general Graduate pages.