Lenora Hanson

Lenora Hanson
Literary Studies
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Romanticism (British and Italian); the long nineteenth century in literature; Romantic science and the history of materialism; Marxist political economy; deconstruction; biopolitics

Degrees and Institutions

BA, University of Montevallo, Department of English, 2006
MA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of English, 2009

Selected Publications

"'Forms of Living Death': Mockery, Marronage and Sovereignty in Percy Shelley and John Gareth Stedman." Essays in Romanticism. (Fall 2016). 29 pp. typescript. Print.

"Contagious Revolution and Colonial Securitization." Secure Sites. Spec. issue of English Language Notes. Forthcoming. 54.1 (Spring/Summer 2016). 4 pp. typescript. Print.

"Poetic Prescription: Giacomo Leopardi's 'La Ginestra' as a Cure for History." European Romantic Review (Forthcoming).

"The University Must be Defended! Safe Spaces, Campus Policing and University-Driven Gentrification." with Bennett Carpenter and Laura Goldblatt. In/Security. Spec. issue of English Language Notes. 54.2 (Fall/Winter 2016). 12 pp. typescript. Print.

"Scholexodus: Learning Within/Against/Beyond the Institution?" with Bennett Carpenter, Laura Goldblatt, Mike Strayer, Karim Wissa, and Andrew Yale. Cultural Logic: an electronic journal of Marxist theory and practice. Forthcoming (Summer 2016). 25 pp. typescript. Print.

"Feces on the Philosophy of History! A Manifesto of the MLA Subconference," with Bennett Carpenter, Laura Goldblatt, Anna Vitale, Karim Wissa, and Andrew Yale. Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Langage, Composition and Culture. 14.3 (Fall 2014). 381-394. Print.

"Can Biopolitics be Thought Plastically? Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Plant Life, and Political Resistance." Theory @ Buffalo. Special Issue: Plastique: The Dynamics of Catherine Malabou. 16(April 2012): 64-76. Print.




Modern Language Association: Executive Council Member (Spring 2016-Spring 2020)

  • Delegate Assembly Member, Fall 2016-Spring 2018
  • Executive Director Search Committee, Spring 2016-Fall 2016