Submitting Through the Graduate School

We will be accepting applications for admission to the Fall 2018 semester via the Graduate School's online application beginning September 2017. Please click on the button immediately below this sentence (titled "The Graduate School) in order to read about the Graduate School's admission requirements and the detailed instructions for the online application before you begin.

Admissions | The Graduate School at UW-Madison

If you feel you have sufficient information to start on your application straight away, the form is directly accessible here.

During the application process, please be sure to select the correct "Intended Major Field of Study" (English M.A. or English Ph.D.) for the program for which you are applying:

 Academic Program  Intended Field of Study
 Afro-American Bridge Program  Afro-Am MA & English PhD 
 Composition & Rhetoric Doctoral Program   English PhD
 Creative Writing  Creative Writing MFA 
 English Language & Linguistics Doctoral Program    English PhD
 Master's Program in Applied English Linguistics  English MA 
 Literary Studies Doctoral Program*  English MA & English PhD

* Note: We do not offer a terminal MA in Literary Studies. The Literary Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a doctoral program in which students earn an MA as the first stage in the process of completing the PhD. New students are expected to enter the program in the first stage, so please select English MA as the "Intended Field of Study" on your application. When asked if you plan to continue, you can indicate your intent to pursue the PhD:

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