Information for Prospective Students

UW-Madison FlagThank you for your interest in our graduate programs in English at the University of Wisconsin-Madison! 

We are currently accepting applications to all of our programs. Here, you can:

For further information about specific degree programs, area faculty, job placement, and more, select the program from the list on the right under "Programs." If you have further questions not covered on our website, please feel free to contact our Graduate Program Coordinator, Robyn Shanahan


Why UW-Madison?

There are many English graduate programs across the United States. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison we believe that our programs offer our students exceptional professional preparation. As a highly-ranked program at one of the top universities in the world, our Department has long been at the forefront of research, writing, and teaching in a diverse array of fields. Here is a short summary of key advantages to pursuing graduate studies at Wisconsin:

  • Top-notch teaching and mentorship from an intellectually diverse faculty
  • Flexible, interdisciplinary training, with the option of taking courses in related departments
  • A wide range of professionalization opportunities, including project and teaching assistantships, organizing colloquia and workshops, research writing, and administrative positions
  • Multi-year financial support, including funding for incoming students, a summer fellowship following the dissertation proposal, conference travel reimbursement, and semester support during later stages of dissertation research
  • An exceptionally collegial, cooperative, and generous learning environment
  • A prime location in a vibrant small city, frequently voted one of the best places to live in the U.S.