Information for International  Students

In addition to the steps to application listed on the How to Apply page, international applicants need to know the following:

Language Requirements

Every international applicant whose native language is not English is required to take either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination. The TOEFL or IELTS must be taken and satisfactorily passed prior to being considered eligible for admission to the UW-Madison Graduate School. Either of these examinations is an essential part of the student's application and must be taken at least six months before the proposed date of enrollment but no more than two years before the program application deadline.

In order to be eligible for support in the form of a teaching assistantship, international students must demonstrate near native fluency in spoken English by scoring a 60 on an exam administered on the campus, the SPEAK test.

Submitting Test Scores

Where applicable, test scores must be submitted to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Institution Code: 1846
Department Code: Not necessary

Non-native speakers of English are not required to take the GRE exam (though they are encouraged to do so) unless they have spent a year or more at an Anglophone (entirely English-speaking) institution. If the applicant has spent a year or more at an Anglophone institution, GRE scores are required. Please arrange to have official copies of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical scores sent to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. All candidates will need to take the exams early enough for the scores to arrive before our deadlines. The GRE Subject Test in Literature is optional.


All International applicants are required to certify that they have sufficient funds to completely cover their expenses while attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Graduate School has detailed information about financial requirements as well as information about the cost of attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Note: Do not send any financial information to the English Department. The Graduate School will request documentation when needed.


For information about housing in the Madison area, please contact University Housing.

International Student Services

The International Student Services office (ISS) provides information to international students about the campus, the community, cross-cultural education and orientation, eligibility for employment, government regulations (including immigration status), visa regulations, and matters related to studying in the USA.

Further information is available at:
217 Armory and Gymnasium (Red Gym)
716 Langdon Street
(608) 262-2044