Awards & Publications from Current Graduate Students

Every year, our graduate students are recognized for their exceptional scholarship and teaching. Our students regularly have work accepted to journals, essay collections, and other major publications, and they are frequent recipients of major on-campus, national, and international awards. This is just a short list of their most recent accomplishments.


  • Lauren Hawley. "'Fringes blown by the wind': High Hopes for Expanded Consciousness in Benjamin and Brecht." New American Notes Online 9 (April 2016).
  • Amy Kahrman Huseby. “James Thomson's The City of Dreadful Night and the Forms of Secularist Congregation." Victorian Periodicals Review (forthcoming Fall 2016).
  • Devin Garofalo. “‘Drunk up by thirsty nothing’: The Fissured World of Prometheus Unbound." Essays in Romanticism 22.1 (2015): 53-72.
  • Devin Garofalo. "Touching Worlds: Letitia Elizabeth Landon's Embodied Poetics." Women's Writing 22.2 (2015): 244-62.
  • Manuel Herrero-Puertas. "Freak Bodies Politic: Charles Stratton, Dred, and the Embodiment of National Innocence. American Quarterly 67:4 (December 2015): 1137-1169.
  • Mattie Burkert. "'Virtue is as much debased as our Money:' Generic and Economic Instability in Love's Last Shift." Modern Philology, forthcoming.
  • Lisa Hollenbach. "Sono-Montage: Langston Hughes and Tony Schwartz Listen to Postwar New York." American Literature 87.2 (June 2015); 275-302.
  • Lisa Hollenbach. "Phonography, Race Records, and the Blues Poetry of Langston Hughes." A Companion to the Harlem Renaissance, ed. Cherene Sherrard-Johnson (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2015): 301-16.
  • Andrew Kay. “Swinburne, Impressionistic Formalism, and the Legacy of Victorian Poetic Theory,” Victorian Poetry 52.1 (Spring 2014).
  • Jessie Reeder. "Broken Bodies, Permeable Subjects: Rethinking Victorian Women's 'Agency' in Gaskell's North and South." Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies (Fall 2013).
  • Emily Madsen. "Phiz's Black Doll: Integrating Text and Etching in Bleak House." Victorian Literature and Culture 41.3 (2013): 411-433.
  • Andrew Mahlstedt.“Animal’s Eyes: Spectacular Invisibility and the Terms of Recognition in Indra Sinha’s Animal’s People.”  Mosaic: a journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature (Special Issue: “Blindness”) 46.3 (September 2013).
  • Jacob Tootalian. "Without Measure: The Language of Shakespeare's Prose." JEMCS 13.4 (2013): 47-60.
  • Neil Simpkins, co-author along with Beth Godbee, Rasha Diab, and Thomas Ferrell. "Making Commitments to Racial Justice Actionable." Across the Disciplines 10.3 (2013).
  • Manuel Herrero-Puertas. "Prosthetic Affect: Nursing, Miscegenation and the Reconstruction of the U.S. Body Politic." The Health of the Nation. Eds. Meldan Tanrisal and Tanfer Emin Tunc (European Association for American Studies Biennial Conference, Izmir, Turkey 2012) (Spring 2013).
  • Tracy Lemaster. "'Girl with a pen': Girls' Studies and Third Wave Feminism in A Room of One's Own." Feminist Formations 24.2 (Fall 2012): 77-99.
  • Nancy Simpson. "'I become a vision': Seeing and the Reader in The Old Arcadia." The Sidney Journal 30.2 (2012): 57-86.
  • Kevin Boettcher. "Trafficking in Tangomockomindge: Ethnographic Materials in Harriot's A Briefe and True Report." In Indography: Writing the "Indian" in Early Modern England, ed. Jonathan Gil Harris. Palgrave-Macmillan, 2012.
  • Steel Wagstaff. "The {Silence} Project: Some Adventures in Remediation." enculturation
  • Lenora Hanson, “Can Biopolitics Be Thought Plastically?” theory @ buffalo 16 (April 2012).
  • Katie Lanning. “Tessellating Texts: Reading The Moonstone in All the Year Round,” Victorian Periodicals Review, 45.1 (Spring 2012).

Fellowships & Awards

National and International Award, Fellowship, and Prize Recipients

  • Mellon-ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship: Mattie Burkert (2015-16)
  • Albert M. Greenfield Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, Library Company of Philadelphia: Julia Dauer (2015)
  • Cornell School of Criticism and Theory Fellowship: Anna Muenchrath (2015)
  • Dartmouth Futures of American Studies Fellowship Winners:  Julia Dauer and Jarrett Chapin (2015)
  • Chawton House Library Visiting Fellowship: Devin Garofalo (2014)
  • Cornell School of Criticism and Theory Fellowship: Ruth Kellar (2014)
  • Fulbright Scholarship: Brandy Trygstad (2013)
  • Chawton House Library Visiting Fellowship and University of Southampton Fellow: Catherine DeRose (2013)
  • James and Sylvia Thayer Short Term Research Fellowship, UCLA Library Special Collections: Rebecca Steffy Couch (2013)
  • Mellon Fellowship for Dissertation Research in Original Sources, Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR), Washington, DC: Lisa Hollenback (2013-14)
  • "Margaret Fuller" Research Fellowship, Franklin Institute, Madrid: Manuel Herrero-Puertas (2013)
  • The Dickens Society, Partlow Prize for the most promising proposal to the Dickens Lowell Symposium: Rachel Herzl-Betz (2012)

University Fellowship Recipients

  • Public Humanities Fellowship: Lisa Hollenbach, UW-Madison Center for the Humanities (2015-16)
  • Chancellor's Dissertation Fellowship, Graduate School: Lisa Hollenbach (2014)
  • Chancellor's Public Humanities Fellowship: Andrew Mahlstedt (2012)

Departmental Prize and Fellowship Winners

  • Chair's PhD Essay Prize Co-winners: Anna Muenchrath and R. Erica Zhang (2015)
  • Alexander B. Chambers Essay Prize for First-Year Students: Adam Schuster (2015)
  • Alexander B. Chambers Essay Prize Honorable Mention: Amy Groshek (2015)
  • Outstanding Digital Media Project: Margaret Bertucci Hamper and Richard Ness (2014-15)
  • Chair's PhD Essay Prize: Phillip Bandy (2014)
  • Alexander B. Chambers Essay Prize for First-Year Students Co-winners: Anna Muenchrath and R. Erica Zhang (2014)
  • Chair's PhD Essay Prize: Amy Kahrmann Huseby (2013)
  • Alexander B. Chambers Essay Prize for First-Year Students Co-winners: Phil Bandy and Leah Pope (2013)
  • Chair's PhD Essay Prize: Peter Ribic (2012)
  • Alexander B. Chambers Essay Prize for First-Year Students, Amy Kahrmann Huseby (2012)
  • Alexander B. Chambers Essay Prize for First-Year Students Honorable Mention, Neil Simpkins (2012)


  • Mattie Burkert, "Digital Preservation 1.0: The Curious Case of the London Stage Information Bank (1970-78)." Modern Language Association. Vancouver, British Columbia, January 2015.
  • Amy Kahrmann Huseby, "'In search of a body': Rhythmic Vitalism and Resurrected "Life" in Robert Browning's The Ring and the Book," Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association (Portland, OR), November 2013.
  • Mattie Burkert, "Quantifying Generic Change in Late Restoration Drama," Boston MLA 2013.
  • Sunny Chan, " Toward a Canadian Alienethnic Poetics of the Internet," Boston MLA 2013. Chaired by Sophie McCall and arranged by the Discussion Group on Canadian Literature in English.
  • Rebecca Steffy, "To Span the Space that Separates: Questioning Differences and the Nation in Adrienne Rich's Spatial Turn," 2012 National Poetry Foundation Decades Conference, Poetry and Poetics of the 1980s, University of Maine at Orono.