Graduate Advising

Composition and Rhetoric

The Composition and Rhetoric graduate advisor is the clearinghouse for course registration and for tracking a student's formal progress through the program. Students will be notified at the start of each registration period when it is time to schedule an appointment with the area advisor. When necessary, the graduate advisor authorizes students into the English Department courses chosen and makes sure that students are meeting requirements and timetables. For specific questions about the program or to review your formal record, students should consult the area graduate advisor.

English Language and Linguistics

Incoming students in the English Language and Linguistics (ELL) program will receive advising on course selection from the ELL graduate advisor. Students in the PhD in ELL program should identify the proper faculty member in ELL whose research interests match theirs to serve as their official advisor. The ELL graduate advisor will still provide guidance on course selection in consultation with the student's official advisor. Students in the MA in AEL program will have the ELL graduate advisor as their official advisor throughout their time in the program. All students in ELL programs must have their course selections and loads approved by the ELL graduate advisor. The ELL graduate advisor sets individual meeting times for all ELL students to discuss their course selection just prior to the course registration period. The ELL graduate advisor also serves as official advisor for both the Graduate and Undergraduate Certificates in TESOL.

Literary Studies

Incoming students in the Literary Studies program will receive advising on course selection from the Director of Graduate Studies in the late spring or early summer preceding their arrival on campus.

Students are required to consult with the Director of Graduate Studies for course selection for both the fall and spring semesters.  The Director of Graduate Studies holds extended office hours for this purpose just prior to the course registration period.  Students must gain approval of the Director of Graduate Studies for distributed minors and also for Independent Reading (English 799) courses to be utilized in lieu of courses offered as part of the regular curriculum.

For advanced doctoral students, individual dissertation directors provide more of the advising, supplemented by guidance from the faculty responsible for assistance with job placement.

Most questions concerning enrollment procedures can be answered by the Graduate Coordinator in the Graduate Division office.  Enrollment permissions are handled through the department’s Graduate Coordinator after fall and spring advising.  Although an invitation to enroll from the University may be received, unless graduate students in English receive notification from the Graduate Coordinator, they should refrain from enrolling until notified that course assignments have been finalized.  Students will be given a list of courses for which they have been approved. All graduate-only courses (700 and above) are closed to students and require authorization to enroll by the Graduate Division.