Composition & Rhetoric

  • Michael Bernard-Donals

    6187A Helen C. White Hall
    Rhetoric, critical theory, and post-Holocaust representation

  • Mary Fiorenza

    6187B Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 263-4512
    Writing pedagogy and practice, writing program administration, interconnections in composition and creative writing (fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry)

  • .

    Caroline Gottschalk Druschke

    6183 Helen C. White Hall
    Rhetorical theory; freshwater science and management; feminist science studies; community based learning; field methods; science writing; environmental justice; animal studies

  • Brad Hughes

    6187F Helen C. White

  • Christa J. Olson

    6187d Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 263-3822
    Rhetorical history, theory, and criticism; visual rhetoric; Latin America

  • Kate Vieira

    Kate Vieira
    Writing; transnational migration; the social history of literacy; qualitative research methodologies; multilingual writing; writing and peace; writing and the body; Latinx studies; Latin American Studies

  • Morris Young

    Morris Young

    6187C Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 263-3367
    Composition and Rhetoric, Literacy Studies, Race and Rhetoric, Asian American Literature and Culture

Creative Writing

English Language & Linguistics

  • Jacee Cho

    Generative linguistic theory and language acquisition, syntax-semantics interface, language processing, experimental linguistics

  • Thomas C. Purnell

    6109 Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 770-9441 (Cell)
    Phonetics, Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Dialectology

  • Eric Raimy

    7123 Helen C. White Hall
    cognitive science, generative grammar, phonology, morphology, phonetics, syntax

  • .

    Anja Wanner

    7103 Helen C. White Hall
    Syntax, theory of grammar, text/genre analysis, linguistic prescriptivism, computer-mediated communication.

  • Richard F. Young

    7163 Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 263-2679
    Applied linguistics, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, oral language assessment, discursive practice, classroom discourse

Literary Studies

  • Monique Allewaert

    Monique Allewaert

    6131 Helen C. White Hall
    18th- and 19th-Century American literatures, Colonial and Postcolonial Theory, Ecocriticism, Political Theory

  • Emily Auerbach

    Room 7223, 21 N Park Street

  • Elizabeth B. Bearden

    7147 Helen C. White Hall
    Early modern prose and poetry, Reception of Antiquity, Comparative Literature, formal and philosophical approaches to literary study, Disability Studies

  • Richard Begam

    Richard Begam

    6147 Helen C. White
    (608) 263-2804
    Modern British and Irish literature, modernism across the arts, postcolonial literature, literature and philosophy, literary theory

  • Leslie Bow

    7179 Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 890-2455
    Asian American Studies, Comparative Ethnic Studies, Asian American literature, literature by women of color, feminist theory, critical race studies, Cultural Studies, popular culture, race and sexuality.

  • empty

    Karen Britland

    6133 Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 263-2832
    Shakespeare, early modern drama and performance, print and manuscript culture, women’s writing, the English Revolution, Anglo-Continental exchange

  • Joshua Calhoun

    Joshua Calhoun

    6161 Helen C. White Hall
    Renaissance Lyric Poetry, Renaissance Drama, Poetics, Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne, Gascoigne, Media, the History of Reading, the Natural History of Texts, Papermaking, Historical Formalism, Miscellanies and Anthologies, Paleography, the Atlantic World

  • Russ Castronovo

    7133 Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 263-7467
    American literature, African American literature, American Studies, cultural theory and popular culture

  • .

    Lisa H. Cooper
    Late medieval literature, material culture, literary theory

  • Aparna Dharwadker

    Aparna Dharwadker

    7125 Helen C White Hall
    Colonial and postcolonial studies, comparative modern drama, modern Indian theatre, contemporary world theatre, postcolonial modernisms, the global South Asian diaspora

  • Ramzi Fawaz

    7161 Helen C. White Hall
    Queer Theory, American Studies, Media and Popular Culture, Visual Studies, 20th Century American Literature, LGBT Literature, Feminist Theory, Social Movements and Cultural Politics, Speculative Fiction

  • Martin Foys

    Martin Foys

    7183 Helen C. White Hall
    Old English literature and Anglo-Saxon culture, medieval studies and popular culture, media theory and history, digital medievalism, digital humanities

  • Susan Stanford Friedman

    7103 Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 262-8151
    Modernism/modernity, Feminist theory and women's writing, Cultural theory and world literatures in English, Diaspora and migration, religious studies

  • Sara Guyer

    Sara Guyer

    7165 Helen C. White Hall
    British and continental romanticism, critical theory, and holocaust studies

  • Roberta Hill

    7139 Helen C. White Hall & 118 Ingraham
    (608) 265-3394
    Twentieth century literature and history; race, gender, class and ethnicity; life writing with an emphasis in minority discourse; creative writing; American Indian literature

  • Lynn Keller

    7195F Helen C. White Hall
    American poetry since 1950, recent experimental poetries and poetics, poetry and ecocriticism

  • Theresa Kelley

    6141 Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 263-3824
    Romanticism--poetics, aesthetics, visual culture; history and philosophy of scientific practice

  • .

    Tejumola Olaniyan

    6181 Helen C. White Hall & 1470 Van Hise
    (608) 263-2848
    African and African diaspora, postcolonial, drama

  • Mario Ortiz-Robles

    6135 Helen C. White Hall
    19th-century literature, critical theory, the novel, animal studies

  • .

    Ellen Samuels

    6137 Helen C. White
    Disability studies, feminist/queer theory, 19th-21st century American literature; African American studies; body theory; visual culture; creative writing; autobiography and memoir

  • Cherene Sherrard-Johnson

    6179 Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 263-3757
    African American literature, 19th-century American literature, feminist theory

  • Jeffrey Steele

    7129 Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 263-5558
    American Studies, 19th-century American women's writing, urban and spatial studies

  • .na

    Mary Trotter

    Modern Irish theatre, reflecting her larger interests in political performance, theatre and identity, gender and/in performance, transatlantic theatre and culture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and historiography.

  • Robin Valenza

    6177 Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 263-3784
    Restoration, eighteenth-century, and romantic literature and culture; history of science; digital humanities

  • Mark Vareschi

    6105 Helen C. White
    Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture, Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama, Digital Humanities, History of Authorship, History of the Book, Intellectual Property, Philosophy and Literature, Literary Theory, Gender and Sexuality

  • Timothy Yu

    7137 Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 263-3818
    Modern and contemporary American literature; contemporary poetry; Asian American literature and culture; the avant-garde; race in American literature; diaspora

  • David A. Zimmerman

    7185 Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 263-3800
    19th- and 20th-century U.S. literature, with an emphasis on the 19th-c. American novel; economics and literature; moral philosophy and narrative

  • Jordan L. Zweck

    6145 Helen C. White Hall
    (608) 263-3759
    Old English, medieval studies, medieval documentary culture, sound studies, media studies, history of the English language, history of the book, Old Norse