Graduate Certificate Requirements

Admission Requirements

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  • Student Status. Enrollment in any one of the required certificate courses along with enrollment in a graduate degree program at UW-Madison.

  • Foreign Language.  Satisfactorily complete at least four college-level terms (or the equivalent, such as 4 years in high school) of a modern foreign language, including its spoken form. For non-native English speakers, English is considered the foreign language. 

  • Demonstrate English proficiency of spoken and written English commensurate with the role of language model. Nonnative English speakers must have a score of at least: 
    • 50 on the SPEAK test or
    • 26 on the iBt speaking section, with an overall score of 100 on the iBt or
    • 600 on the paper version of TOEFL or
    • 7 on IELTS.

Prerequisite Courses - can be taken any time

Foundation Courses

  • English 314 Structure of English
  • English 315 English Phonology
  • English 318 Second Language Acquisition

 Courses on Social Perspectives on English (One of the following three courses)

  • English 316 English Language Variation in the U.S.
  • English 414 Global Spread of English (not currently offered)
  • English 416 English in Society
  • English 419 Language and Gender (not currently offered)

 Required TESOL Graduate Certificate courses listed below must be taken for graduate credit

TESOL Foundation Course

  • English 415 Introduction to TESOL Methods - must precede English 515 and 613-618.

Courses on Second Language Teaching

  • English 515 Techniques and Materials for TESOL
  • English 613-618 Choice among (3) one-credit TESOL Workshops

 Certificate Requirements

• 9 credits of required graduate level courses listed above along with all prerequisites and language requirements.

• A grade point average of 3.0 in all required courses except English 613-618, which is graded as Credit/No Credit.

• Teaching practice. This requirement is normally fulfilled by completion of English 515.

• All requirements for the Certificate in TESOL must be satisfied within three successive academic years.

• Nonnative English speakers must take the SPEAK test and receive a score of 50 or higher (or take a comparable test as mentioned in "admission requirements" above.