Why take an ITA course?

All international TAs who want to improve their teaching skills should take the ITA course. It will prepare you to better interact with your students and improve your ability to help them learn. 

What other departments say about our ITA course:
  • Our students who have taken ITA have all been very positive about the experience. I am really glad it is available to them. Thanks!
  • The ITA program offers the international students a carefully thought out program to enhance their teaching skills.  Students need more than good English-language skills to be effective teachers; they need to understand the culture and the U.S. student mentality.  This program addresses these skills.
  • The ITA program has been very helpful for the international TAs in the economics department! The instructors provide excellent guidance in assisting new international TAs navigate the expectations in an American classroom. ITA provides useful pedagogical techniques to improve TA communication and give TAs a set of tools so they are successful in the classroom and beyond.
What our former students say about our ITA course:
  • I got the evaluations from students, and I was evaluated as an excellent TA. In addition, in last year, I got the University Housing Honored Instructor Award.  I want to say thanks to you! You taught me a lot, and I was benefited much from your training classes.
  • My evaluation from the students are very good. The Chair shook hands with me, and said "it was really good". My adviser said "it was fantastic job".  I hope to share the joy with you. Thank you for the teaching and help.
  • ITA class was a great help to let me learn how to teach students and interact friendly with them. I really appreciate that. Thank you! 
  • Your ITA Training is a great program. I really enjoy it and have a lot of fun. 
  • Well, I have to say that teaching is really a big challenge for me but I am trying my best not to let my students down. I followed your instructions and they did work.
  • I find the things learned in ITA class very useful.
  • You are very welcome to audit any of my sections at any time. No need to tell me before the class. I really enjoyed the ITA class during the summer with Andy and hope I will demonstrate what I learned from her. Thank you very much!
  • I have learned a lot from the ITA class and am making use of what I've learned. I'm proud of being a graduate from UW-Madison.
  • I enjoyed the class and thought it was helpful.  
  • The valuable things I learned from ITA workshop are going to be used for my discussion class this semester.
  • Thanks for coming to my class. And thanks for the positive feedback from you as well, which is indeed a reinforcement of my teaching style:) I am very glad that you agree with my teaching strategy, and I hope students will share the same feeling:) Thanks to ITA, I have benefited a lot from that. I will continue to improve my language and teaching skills.
  • Thanks very much for your sincere and valuable evaluation.  I was glad to work with you and gained a lot about students' expectations this semester.
  • I am a TA this semester, welcome to my discussion and I really want to get your suggestions.
  • Yes, I did get a TA position this semester (many many thanks to your excellent training course and Becky. She was a great instructor).
  • The ITA training program was a pleasant and valuable experience for me.
  • I find what I learned from the ITA program is of great use to me. Thanks so much.
  • I would like to thank you for the great ITA program that we had during Summer.
  • More and more students are enjoying my class now!
  • Many thanks for everything that you, Mary and others in ESL have done for me.
  • I really appreciate the ITA training experience and learnt a lot from the class.