What do other students say about our program?

I really enjoyed the classes, mainly Grammar, which is weird, because people normally do not like this subject, but my professor used a lot of interactive activities related to the grammar topics, which made the students learn when we were having fun. The oral skills classes were full of talking about our different cultures, thoughts, experiences and personalities. Through these debates, conversations, we had great times and I could learn more about the world. My life in Madison was the best that I had: a very pretty city, with helpful people, and everything that I need to study close to my dorm, including the coffee shops and libraries. The electives were really amazing, because broke the routine. I could visit places that I did not yet, such as Veteran's Museum and Babcock Hall Dairy Store, and I learned to listen the songs paying attention in the lyrics, in a way that I could write them. Summarizing, studying ESL at UW-Madison was one of the best parts of my life!

- Stefanie, Brazil

It was so much fun while taking this program. I really love all ESL teachers. It's very great experience with the ESL program. Not only I improved my English skill, but this course also brought me seeing new international friends. Moreover, every teachers are really nice to international students, they helped us to understand more about American culture.
- Mon, Thailand

All the teachers at UW-Madison are great, honestly. We had different kinds of work to do during the course. Not only the lessons about 4 basic English skills, but also about the elective classes with museums exploration, IELTS, TOEFL preparation. I had a close relationships with my classmates and others classes. After one course, I feel the dramatic improvements in my studying progress. With the high level at UW-Madison, I transfer to Tennessee University and was one of top 5 outstanding students there. I can use my English from the ESL program more fluently. Some of my teachers at Tennessee do not know why I have a variety of knowledge more than some students who are enrolling in the course. I am so happy about that.
- Bich (Jenny), Vietnam

The best part of the program was the class makeup. My classmates were mostly working professionals. They came from many parts of the world so I had a great opportunity to be in a multicultural environment. It helped me to express myself with more confidence. Speaking perfect English is a common misbelief in many Asian people to succeed facing global challenge. After I finished my program at UW I passed TOEFL and got admitted to the MBA program at University of Missouri. I graduated in December 2013. Now I work as an investment broker in St. Louis.
- Leon, Taiwan

Studying ESL at UW-Madison has helped me how to write academic research papers and emails. Also, it helped me to understand the academic classroom culture in United States. I met many people from different countries, and I have learned a lot about cultures, traditions and heritage.
- Munyah, Saudi Arabia

There are many things that helped me in making the decision of coming to UW-Madison. What is special about it is campus life in Madison. It is easy compared to other places in U.S. the facilities and environment is very convenient to an English student who is usually coming to US for the first time. English department is close to libraries, entertainment facilities and so... in addition the city itself is a very nice place. It helped me a lot, especially the first semester at UW-Madison with my conversation and writing skills.
- Muath, Palestine

I chose Madison because I heard there are only few Japanese there. If I wanted to study hard, I needed to speak English. If I met Japanese every day, I would hang out with them. I didn't have confidence to not talk with Japanese. That's why I chose Madison. I think Madison is one of the best place to study English. I really want to go back to Madison.
- Tomoki, Japan

The teachers know how to guide students to study language, and encourage students all the time. All the skills that I learned in UW-Madison are being used in my graduate study. For instance, Presentation skill, reading, summary, logical thinking as well as some culture. 
- Ying, China

I found UW-Madison provides a free bus ticket, which let me save more money and practice more. I met wonderful teachers and classmates. We discussed a lot of things in the classroom. I really enjoyed our different thoughts from different countries. It greatly impacted me to think about things in different way. I learned not only language but also knowledge. One of my favorite things is the Farmers' Market, where you can find many healthy ingredients. In summer, Madison is full of colorful flowers around you that can make happy.
- Amanda, Taiwan

One of the thing I liked most is the diversity of people we have contact on the course, I mean, there are students and teachers from all over the world, and this makes the experience of learning a new language way more exciting.
- Guilherme, Brazil

In 2009, I took the intensive course as a guest student in order to facilitate my admission but I ended up loving the course.

Good teachers with different tactic of work. The best class so far was E110, nice organization, outings and party at the last day. It helps me to improve my writing and oral communication.

- Albert, Togo