About the course:
Students in the IEP study English twenty hours a week, taking reading, writing, speaking, grammar, and academic skills classes. Students are placed in courses according to their level, which is determined by a placement test.

Oral Communication
Students work on developing both listening and speaking skills. The listening component helps students improve their ability to understand spoken English in informal conversation as well as in formal academic lectures. The speaking component helps students improve pronunciation, fluency, and accuracy. The goal is to make students more competent in and confident about communicating in English.

This class helps students develop skills to read more efficiently as well as practice strategies to increase vocabulary. The skills taught are applied to pleasure reading as well as academic texts. Students practice the skills of skimming and scanning, previewing, using headings, and identifying topics for a variety of texts. The skills of recognizing key words and transitions, distinguishing main ideas and details, drawing inferences and conclusions and critical reading supports not only reading, but writing development as well.

Students develop general and academic writing skills, including the ability to express ideas clearly and grammatically, to choose appropriate vocabulary, and to edit their own work. Both personal and academic writing assignments provide practice in the process of writing, revising work for content and form, and in producing coherent paragraphs and essays using a variety of modes of organization. Students also learn how to search for outside source materials and integrate such information with their own ideas for a short research paper.

Students build on their knowledge of English grammar for both formal and informal usage. Class time is devoted to communicative and content-based activities that provide practice with specific grammatical structures and features of English. As a result, students improve both their accuracy and fluency in producing and understanding written and spoken English.

Academic Skills
This class is designed to simulate a credit-bearing course in a U.S. university, thereby allowing students to practice the skills they will need in order to succeed in their future coursework and to become more confident and comfortable with the environment and requirements of a typical UW-Madison course. This course requires students to apply their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to high-level academic activities and situations. Throughout the semester, students watch segments of university lectures on video, as well as have guest lecturers visit our class. Students also attend several actual university lectures this semester at UW-Madison.

Elective Courses
During the summer session and fall semester, students can also choose from special elective classes, including courses on...
  • TOEFL and IELTS test skills
  • Short stories
  • Drama and film
  • Music
  • Ethics and current affairs