Student Writing Awards

Work completed for English 100 during fall 2017 will be considered for inclusion in a new edition of the Course Reader. Submit your best work! Submissions will be accepted through January 30, 2018. All work must be submitted through our online system.


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See any edition of Concepts, Conversations, Critique for award-winning student essays.


You can view the 2014

Multimodal/Digital Award-Winning Project here.


You can also view the 2013 Multimodal/Digital Award-Winning Project.

For Students

English 100 can help you make more informed decisions about the writing you do. As an introduction to college composition, the course will help you see writing as a situated practice that takes into account the rhetorical situation to inform why you write, what you write, and how you write.


As a student of English 100, you will develop a better understanding of what accounts for "good writing," that is, writing that is appropriate to a particular context, audience, purpose, genre, and medium. Although the types of writing that you’ve practiced during high school or for other occasions have developed and focused your writing for that context and those educational experiences, you’ll find that the writing you do at the university and beyond will require a variety of new and/or different writing strategies and practices.


Even within the university, the purposes and uses of writing vary widely. In this course you will examine and practice strategies for writing that may be applied across your courses regardless of discipline, to your co-curricular and extracurricular activities, or for a chosen career beyond the university. You may also look at strategies for writing in situations that require specialized knowledge about the way information is communicated or how arguments are made within specific disciplines. In addition, you will learn to ask questions that will help you approach your writing effectively and successfully in a wide range of contexts.


If you have questions about the course, feel free to email the English 100 directors at: english100 [at]