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Important Registration Information:

Students who have more credits than the usual first-year student must be authorized for on-line registration into English 100. Email Mary Fiorenza, Associate Director, English 100.


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Welcome to English 100


English 100 is an introduction

to college composition that begins to prepare students for the demands of writing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and also helps them think about writing beyond the classroom in a variety of contexts. It satisfies the Communication A general education requirement for undergraduates.


Students in English 100 engage questions of audience, purpose, genre, discourse conventions, and research methods with attention to rhetorical awareness in both written and oral communication. Assignments ask students to identify, develop, and express concepts; summarize and synthesize information; engage in conversations with the ideas of others; and critique and construct arguments through original research. Treating writing as an act of inquiry, a means of communication, and a process, instructors emphasize drafting, revising, and editing as critical practices for developing effective communication and argument.


Instructors for English 100 are part of a dynamic intellectual community, centered in the English department, but including other disciplines as well. Besides a strong core of doctoral students in literary studies, composition and rhetoric, and English Language and Linguistics, as well as Creative Writing MFA students, instructional staff includes experienced doctoral students from the School of Education and frequently other areas of the university as well.