Books by English Language & Linguistics Faculty

  • Book Cover for "Grammar in Interaction"

    Grammar in Interaction: Adverbial Clauses in American English Conversations

    Cecilia Ford

    Cambridge University Press


    Cecilia E. Ford explores the question: what work do adverbial clauses do in conversational interaction? She considers the interactional as well as the informational work of talk and shows how conversationalists use grammar to coordinate their joint language production. Her book contributes to a growing body of research on grammar in discourse, which has until recently remained largely focused on monologic rather than dialogic functions of language.

  • Book Cover for "The Language of Turn and Sequence"

    The Language of Turn and Sequence

    Cecilia Ford, Barbara A. Fox & Sandra A. Thompson, Eds.

    Oxford University Press


    This collection of previously unpublished, cutting-edge research discusses the conversation analysis (CA) approach to understanding language use. CA is the dominant theory for analyzing the social use of language and is concerned with the description of how speakers engage in conversation and other forms of social interaction involving language. The unifying theme of these chapters is the intersection of practice and form through the construction of turns and sequences.

  • Book Cover for "Sound Patterns in Interaction"

    Sound Patterns in Interaction: Cross-linguistic Studies of Phonetics and Prosody for Conversation

    Cecilia Ford & Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen, Eds.



    This collection of original papers by eminent phoneticians, linguists and sociologists offers the most recent findings on phonetic design in interactional discourse available in an edited collection. The chapters examine the organization of phonetic detail in relation to social actions in talk-in-interaction based on data drawn from diverse languages: Japanese, English, Finnish, and German, as well as from diverse speakers: children, fluent adults and adults with language loss. 

  • Book Cover for "Women Speaking Up"

    Women Speaking Up: Getting and Using Turns in Workplace Meetings

    Cecilia Ford

    Palgrave Macmillan


    While women are succeeding in historically male professions, stereotypes of their lack of competence persist as obstacles to their advancement, with popular media urging women to improve their language skills if they hope to advance in traditionally male professions. In Women Speaking Up: Getting and Using Turns in Workplace Meetings, Cecilia E. Ford rejects popular notions of gender difference and even deficiency in women's language use.

  • Contemporary Views On Architecture And Representations In Phonology

    Eric Raimy & Charles E. Cairns, Eds.

    MIT Press


    The essays in this volume address foundational questions in phonology that cut across different schools of thought within the discipline. The theme of modularity runs through them all, however, and these essays demonstrate the benefits of the modular approach to phonology, either investigating interactions among distinct modules or developing specific aspects of representation within a particular module.
  • The Phonology and Morphology of Reduplication

    Eric Raimy

    Mouton de Gruyter


    This book proposes a new representational analysis of reduplication based on making explicit precedence relations in phonological representations. The main claim is that reduplication results from loops in the precedence structure of phonological representations.
  • Deconstructing the English Passive

    Anja Wanner

    Mouton de Gruyter


    This book analyzes the form and function of the English passive from a verb-based point of view. It takes the position that the various surface forms of the passive (with or without thematic subject, with or without object, with or without by-phrase, with or without auxiliary) have a common source and are determined by the interplay of the syntactic properties of the verb and general syntactic principles.
  • Syntactic Variation and Genre

    Anja Wanner & Heidrun Dorgeloh, Eds.

    Mouton de Gruyter


    This volume explores the interplay of syntactic variation and genre. How do genres emerge and what is the role of syntax in constituting them? Why do certain constructions appear in certain types of text? The book takes the concept of genre as a reference-point for the description and analysis of morpho-syntactic variation and change.

  • Discursive Practice in Language Learning and Teaching

    Richard Young



    Discursive Practice is a theory of the linguistic and socio-cultural characteristics of recurring episodes of face-to-face interaction; episodes that have social and cultural significance to a community of speakers. This book examines the discursive practice approach to language-in-interaction.
  • Language and Interaction: An Advanced Resource Book

    Richard Young, Ed.



    Language and Interaction brings together essential readings in anthropology, discourse studies and sociology in order to introduce key concepts in language and social interaction and to describe how individuals develop skills in social interaction andcreate identities through their use of language.

  • Talking and Testing: Discourse Approaches to the Assessment of Oral Proficiency

    Richard Young & Agnes Weiyun He, Eds.

    John Benjamins


    This book brings together a collection of current research on the assessment of oral proficiency in a second language. The volume addresses the central issue of validity in proficiency assessment: the ways in which the language proficiency interview is accomplished through discourse.
  • Variation in Interlanguage Morphology

    Richard Young

    Peter Lang


    "Young's study is an important contribution to our understanding of the nature of learner speech and the role of variation in SLA." (Robert Bayley, University of Texas, San Antonio) --Studies in Second Language Acquisition, September 1993
  • The Research Process in Classroom Discourse Analysis: Current Perspectives

    Jane Zuengler & Kim Marie Cole, Eds.



    This volume gives intellectual space to a range of current perspectives on classroom discourse research and provides a forum for conversations about the research process. Classroom discourse researchers from different theoretical perspectives provide five separate analyses of the same instructional unit in a high school biology class, using the same set of data.