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Author Date
Adnot-Haynes, Becky Nov. 2014
Anastas, Benjamin Dec. 2012
Bachmann, Beth Sept. 2010
Benjamin, Chloe Sept. 2014
Brimhall, Traci Dec. 2010
Cash, Wiley Aug. 2012
Cancio-Bello, Marci Calabretta Mar. 2017
Davis, Vanessa May 2012
Day, Meg May 2013
Demske, Nick Jan. 2012
Emanuel, Lynn Jul. 2010
Mao, Sally Wen Jan. 2017
O’Neill, Emily Mar. 2016


Author, Title Review Date
Austin, Derrick: Trouble the Water Apr. 2016
Akant, Sara Deniz: Babette Mar. 2016