Composition & Rhetoric Bridge Program from Afro-American Studies

The Bridge Program is designed to give students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Composition & Rhetoric the opportunity to develop expertise in the field of Afro-American Studies. Students complete their Master's coursework in Afro-American Studies prior to entering the Composition & Rhetoric doctoral program, using this experience to inform their further work during the dissertation.

Ideal candidates typically have clearly-demonstrated research and teaching interests that cut across Composition & Rhetoric and Afro-American Studies, and their applications draw clear connections between the two fields. Students seeking to bridge from Afro-American Studies should indicate their interest no later than the end of their first year of Master's work. Additionally, students should complete the Introduction to Composition Studies (English 700) during the first stage of their coursework. Certification in a foreign language is also strongly advised.

For more information, please consult the Composition & Rhetoric Area Advisor, Prof. Morris Young, or the Graduate Coordinator, Robyn Shanahan.

Rev. 8/18/2015