Books by Faculty in Compsition & Rhetoric

  • Between Witness and Testimony: the Holocaust and the Limits of Representation

    Michael Bernard-Donals & Richard R. Glejzer, Eds.

    SUNY University Press


    Between Witness and Testimony investigates the difficulties inherent in the obligation to bear witness to events that seem not just unspeakable but also unthinkable. The authors examine films, fictional narratives, survivor testimonies, and the museums at Yad Vashem and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in order to establish an ethics of Holocaust representation. 

  • Forgetful Memory: Representation and Remembrance after Auschwitz

    Michael Bernard-Donals

    SUNY Press


    Much of the discussion surrounding the Holocaust and how it can be depicted sixty years later has focused on memory. In Forgetful Memory, Michael Bernard-Donals focuses on the relation between memory and forgetfulness, arguing that memory and forgetfulness cannot be separated but must be examined as they complicate our understanding of the Shoah. 

  • An Introduction to Holocaust Studies: History, Memory, and Representation

    Michael Bernard-Donals, Ed.

    Prentice Hall


    This single volume traces three approaches to the study of the Holocaust: through notions of history, theories of memory, and a focus on art and representation.  It introduces students to the different ways we have come to understand the Holocaust, gives them an opportunity to ask questions about those conclusions, and examines how this event can be understood once all the survivors are gone.

  • Mikhail Bakhtin: Between Phenomenology and Marxism

    Michael Bernard-Donals

    Cambridge University Press


    Michael Bernard-Donals examines developments in phenomenological and materialist theory, providing a contextualized study of Bakhtin, a critique of the problems of contemporary criticism, and an original contribution to literary theory.

  • Book Cover for "The Practice of Theory"

    The Practice of Theory: Rhetoric, Knowledge, and Pedagogy in the Academy

    Michael Bernard-Donals

    Cambridge University Press


    In The Practice of Theory, Michael Bernard-Donals examines the connection between theory and pedagogy at the level of practice. He argues that though rhetoric links pedagogy with theory, this tradition must also connect with other human and natural sciences.

  • Book Cover for "Rhetoric in an Antifoundational World"

    Rhetoric in an Antifoundational World

    Michael Bernard-Donals & Richard R. Glejzer, Eds.

    Yale University Press


    In this brilliant collection, literary scholars, philosophers, and teachers inquire into the connections between antifoundational philosophy and the rhetorical tradition. What happens to literary studies and theory when traditional philosophical foundations are disavowed? What happens to the study of teaching and writing when antifoundationalism is accepted? What strategies for human understanding are possible when the weaknesses of antifoundationalism are identified? 

  • Book Cover for "Witnessing the Disaster"

    Witnessing the Disaster: Essays on Representation and the Holocaust

    Michael Bernard-Donals & Richard R. Glejzer, Eds.

    University of Wisconsin Press


    The essayists in this collection aim to move past the notion that the Holocaust as an event defies representation. They look at specific cases of Holocaust representation and consider their effect, their structure, their authenticity, and the kind of knowledge they produce. Taken together they consider the tension between history and memory, the vexed problem of eyewitness testimony and its status as evidence, and the ethical imperatives of Holocaust representation.

  • Book Cover for "Grammar in Interaction"

    Grammar in Interaction: Adverbial Clauses in American English Conversations

    Cecilia Ford

    Cambridge University Press


    Cecilia E. Ford explores the question: what work do adverbial clauses do in conversational interaction? She considers the interactional as well as the informational work of talk and shows how conversationalists use grammar to coordinate their joint language production. Her book contributes to a growing body of research on grammar in discourse, which has until recently remained largely focused on monologic rather than dialogic functions of language.

  • Book Cover for "The Language of Turn and Sequence"

    The Language of Turn and Sequence

    Cecilia Ford, Barbara A. Fox & Sandra A. Thompson, Eds.

    Oxford University Press


    This collection of previously unpublished, cutting-edge research discusses the conversation analysis (CA) approach to understanding language use. CA is the dominant theory for analyzing the social use of language and is concerned with the description of how speakers engage in conversation and other forms of social interaction involving language. The unifying theme of these chapters is the intersection of practice and form through the construction of turns and sequences.

  • Book Cover for "Sound Patterns in Interaction"

    Sound Patterns in Interaction: Cross-linguistic Studies of Phonetics and Prosody for Conversation

    Cecilia Ford & Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen, Eds.



    This collection of original papers by eminent phoneticians, linguists and sociologists offers the most recent findings on phonetic design in interactional discourse available in an edited collection. The chapters examine the organization of phonetic detail in relation to social actions in talk-in-interaction based on data drawn from diverse languages: Japanese, English, Finnish, and German, as well as from diverse speakers: children, fluent adults and adults with language loss. 

  • Book Cover for "Women Speaking Up"

    Women Speaking Up: Getting and Using Turns in Workplace Meetings

    Cecilia Ford

    Palgrave Macmillan


    While women are succeeding in historically male professions, stereotypes of their lack of competence persist as obstacles to their advancement, with popular media urging women to improve their language skills if they hope to advance in traditionally male professions. In Women Speaking Up: Getting and Using Turns in Workplace Meetings, Cecilia E. Ford rejects popular notions of gender difference and even deficiency in women's language use.

  • Constitutive Visions

    Christa J. Olson

    Penn State University Press


    In Constitutive Visions, Christa Olson presents the rhetorical history of republican Ecuador as punctuated by repeated arguments over national identity. Those arguments--as they advanced theories of citizenship, popular sovereignty, and republican modernity--struggled to reconcile the presence of Ecuador's large indigenous populations with the dominance of a white-mestizo minority.
  • Minor Re/Visions: Asian American Literacy Narratives as a Rhetoric of Citizenship

    Morris Young

    Southern Illinois University Press


    Through a blend of personal narrative, cultural and literary analysis, and discussions about teaching, Minor Re/Visions: Asian American Literacy Narratives as a Rhetoric of Citizenship shows how people of color use reading and writing to develop and articulate notions of citizenship.

  • Representations: Doing Asian American Rhetoric

    Morris Young & LuMing Mao, Eds.

    Utah State University Press


    MLA Mina P. Shaughnessy Prize Honorable Mention 2009

    Despite tremendous growth in attention to and scholarship about Asian Americans and their cultural work, little research has emerged that focuses directly on Asian American rhetoric. Representations: Doing Asian American Rhetoric addresses this need by examining the systematic, effective use of symbolic resources by Asians and Asian Americans in social, cultural, and political contexts.