Board of Visitors

Photograph of the 2017 Board of Visitors

From left to right: Lester Lennon, Ward Katz, Robert Eccles, Alec Chang, William Reed, Jane Katims, Thomas Johnson, Patricia Brady, Maurice Lee, John Jankoff, Robert Grossman, Nan Rubin, Russ Castronovo, and  Cherie Bennett.

The English Department Board of Visitors is a group of distinguished UW-Madison alumni who have agreed to serve in an advisory capacity to the Department to help us identify needs, make plans for the future, and develop fundraising strategies to enhance our endowment. The Board was established in the fall of 1999 and has fourteen members. It meets twice a year with the Department Chair, selected members of the faculty and staff, and some students for a day and a half. Board members majored in English or studied literature and language, and they have an abiding interest in and commitment to English literary, writing, and language studies. They represent an important link between the University's past and future. Fostering greater communication and cooperation, they form a vital bridge between past and present students, between faculty and alumni, and between the University and the larger communities of state, region, nation in an interconnected and globalized world. Their expertise and commitment valuable human resources for the Department's renewal and growth.

Current BOV Members

Emeritus BOV Members