English Majors Reception and Awards Ceremony, May 4

On May 4, 2014, the Department celebrated its undergraduates at its English Majors Reception and Awards Ceremony. Below is a complete list of the recipients of the various scholarships and awards.

Pictured: Recipients Junyong Song, Ben Elmakias, Ethan Kay, and friends
Recipients and friends


The Helen C White Scholarship
Jenna Mertz

Dorothy Classen Urish Scholarship
Jordan Filerman (pictured with Dorothy's daughter, Nancy Urish)

Nancy Urish and Jordan Filerman

Mary Brabyn Wackman Scholarships
Ben Elmakias
Ethan Kay
Grace O'Meara, pictured with family and Department Chair Caroline Levine
Grace O'Meara
Rachel Murnane

Vivian Mowry English Scholarships
Peter Clancy
Sean Kirkby

English Undergraduate Scholarship (Thomas and Barbara Johnson, Award Founders)
Rachel Murnane

McMynn Williams Scholarship
Junyong Song

Writing Prizes

Chesler Prize for Excellence in Writing
Benjamin Black, pictured receiving award from Department Chair Caroline Levine (Direction of: Monique Allewaert)

Benjamin Black

James T. Lewis Prize
Shireen Mathews (Direction of: Jordan Zweck)
Meg Huskin (Direction of: Karen Britland)

Standish Henning Shakespeare Prize
Madeline Schmid (Direction of: Stephanie Elsky)

William F. Vilas Prize
Jenna Mertz (Direction of: Lynn Keller)
Alex Riegert (Direction of: Richard Begam)

Data Analysis Awards
Mona Sawan (Direction of: Kelly Abrams)
James Housworth (Direction of: Kelly Abrams)
Matt Wardell (Direction of: Kelly Abrams)

International Student Writing Awards

1st Place: Guohong Yang (Direction of: Julie Cherney)
2nd Place: Ruifeng Xie (Direction of: Lucy Moore)
3rd Place: Qihong Lu, pictured with Lucy Moore (Direction of: Alyssa Franze)
Qihong Lu
3rd Place: Ziwei Niu (Direction of: Dan Pell)

English 100 Student Writing Awards

Critical Winner: Giovanna Stern (Direction of: Jenn Maclure)
Honorable Mention: Gabriela Negrete (Direction of: Sarah Dimick)

Informative Winner: Jacob Graboski (Direction of: Cathy DeRose)
Honorable Mention: Luke Voegeli (Direction of: Becca Tarsa)

Multimodal Winner: Mandy Thor (Direction of: Devin Garofalo)
Pictured: Mandy and Devin

Mandy Thor and Devon Garafalo

Narrative Winner: Kelly Urbanek (Direction of: Emma Needleman)
Honorable Mention: India Pungarcher (Direction of: Heather Swan)